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Need LED Lighting?

Get Smart LED Lighting from certified Ameren Trade Ally technicians for

your commercial energy upgrades.


Now booking LED Installations & Retrofitting

From our office in Imperial, MO we travel across the region to install commercial LED lighting solutions that finally gets rid of low-quality lighting no one enjoys. 

Through Ameren's BizSavers program, we work to maximize incentives on LED upgrades. 

Investors and property managers are keenly aware of rising operating costs and the high price paid for inefficient energy use. Dated lighting systems are not only bad for the environment, they are bad for your profit margin, too.

A map showing the Exceptional Energy Solutions service area around St. Louis

LED Lighting Installation & Design

Professional Grade for Commercial Buildings

before LED lighting upgrades.jpg

Before: Lighting was fading and unevenly installed across the warehouse workspace. Poor lighting was impractical for the attention to detail needed to expertly wrap a vehicle with vinyl for the Speed Pro team. 

LED lighting installation in South County, Missouri.jpg

After: LED lighting is designed for full garage coverage, with bulbs that don't fade quickly over time. 

before led lighting update in st louis.jpg

Before: Office lighting began to deteriorate, becoming yellow and dim. 

after led lights installed at an office in st louis county.jpg

After: Replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs gets rid of dingy, yellowed lighting


Technician installing LED lights near St. Louis, MO
LED Lighting Upgrades

Update to Energy Efficient Lighting

Modernize your office building with light fixtures, bulbs and complete lighting systems that reduce overhead expenses on operating costs.

New Construction LED Lighting Installation
Lighting for New Construction

Build Brighter with Modern Lighting Systems

Make sure your new building is lit right the first time, with high efficiency lighting designs that will make your new building shine BRIGHT!

Field of Commercial Solar Installation - St. Louis, Missouri

Save Big on Your Energy Bills While Helping the Environment

Ask About Our LED Lighting Installation Services

Reduce your facility's overhead costs with a sustainable way to save on operating expenses.

Lighting technology has come a long way since Thomas Edison. Modern LED lighting features advanced controls, lighting sensors, and shading retrofits that meet the demands of increased energy use in today's business world. 


LED smart lighting allows businesses to realize a quick payback on their investment, more so than many other facility upgrade options that business owners are faced with. 


Break away from your “energy hog” business as usual - while leveling up with LED!

LED Retrofitting Company - St. Louis - EES Energy


Our dedicated team of lighting designers and specialists make the process of modernizing your building easy. 

We are uniquely qualified to design and install industrial lighting upgrades. EES technicians have decades of combined industry experience performing lighting upgrades of all sizes. 

Custom LED Solutions

Level-up with LED! 

  • LED Smart Lighting Installation

  • LED Retrofitting

  • Lighting Sensors

  • Shading Retrofits

  • Lighting Controls

An old-fashioned lightbulb in a lightsaber duel with a bright new LED bulb
The evolution of lightbulbs, from candles to incandescent to LED bulbs

Smarter Lighting

LEDs give you better control over your commercial building since they feature technology enhancements such as daylighting, dimming control, occupancy sensors, timers, and other networking options. 

St. Louis Proud

We are a premium Ameren Trade Ally partner and ensure that our customers get every energy credit or incentive available. 

St. Louis A List 2021 Finalist
Beautiful sunset behind the gateway arch in St. Louis, Missouri
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