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Power Your Business with Solar

If you're considering commercial solar power, you're in good company.

Get a quote for solar panel installation today.

Are you tired of your energy bill rising year after year? Do you want to run a more eco-friendly business?


You can do both when you switch to renewable energy.


Exceptional Energy Solutions is a solar installation company that can help you with the entire process. While we’re based in Imperial, we power businesses with solar power systems throughout the entire state of Missouri.

Chesterfield | St. Louis | Cape Girardeau

Solar planning, design & installation for commercial buildings

We install renewable energy all across Missouri! Our solar powered solutions for commercial properties means you can reduce overhead and pay fewer taxes.

Get Show ME PACE financing for renewable energy upgrades. We're an authorized solar panel contractor. Learn more about the program here.



Logo Daddy Graphics

Powering graphic design with renewable energy

Logo Daddy needed additional electrical capacity to support their growing business in Hillsboro, MO. EES solar pros designed & installed an electrical service upgrade along with a 40kW solar power system to help offset their increasing electrical usage. 

See Full Project Details Here

Klance Unlimited

Solar & LED powered savings in Pacific, MO

An 86.4kW solar panel system now generates 87% of the electricity needed to power operations at Klance Unlimited. EES also retrofitted the existing lighting system over to high efficiency LED fixtures and lightbulbs. 

See Full Project Details Here

Renewable energy installed for a commercial property in Festus, Missouri

Clean energy upgrades in Festus, MO

With three office locations, Crystal Heating & Cooling needed a smarter way to power operations. The EES energy team installed a 63.75kW solar panel system in addition to a smaller solar system for their office in Farmington.

See Full Project Details Here

Solar panels installed for a commercial building in Missouri

Solar power installation in Farmington, MO

A 17.00kW solar energy system was installed at Crystal Heating & Cooling's smaller office building in Farmington, MO. The 30 year ROI for this industrial solar panel system is 186.8%, with a payback period of just 5 years.

See Full Project Details Here

Field of solar panels

Save Big on Your Energy Bills While Helping the Environment

Ask About Our Commercial Solar Installation Services

All-inclusive turn-key solar solutions. We take care of ALL permitting and utility applications. 

Our dedicated team of commercial solar power specialists including project managers, engineers, electricians, and installers make the process of going solar easy. 


We are uniquely qualified to design, build, and navigate commercial solar systems from concept to completion. EES installers have decades of combined industry experience performing installs of all sizes. Our commercial solar project leads are NABCEP certified.

NABCEP Board Certified - St. Louis Solar & LED.png


Break away from your “energy hog” of a building - while harnessing the power of the SUN!

Solar panels towering over a piggy bank with green grass in foreground

Expert Energy Analysis

The first step in the process of designing a solar panel system is to determine your business’ energy needs. We calculate using current energy consumption or plan for future growth to build the best system that’s the right size to meet your needs.

Scaled Solar Solutions

Whether you're a small business or operate a BIG facility, EES has the energy solution for you. 


We’ve designed commercial solar energy systems as small as 10kW, and can engineer solutions up to 5MW. Every project is custom, scaled to match your energy needs.

One of our rooftop commerical solar installation projects in St. Louis, Missouri
The Gateway Arch during a beautiful sunset

A St. Louis Solar Company

We are an Ameren Trade Ally partner and ensure that our customers get every energy credit or solar incentive available.


Solar Made Real

Almost immediately, your business receives solar production straight from the source, adding energy capacity with fewer emissions. 


The entire solar installation process can be as short as 4-6 months, depending on the scope and size of the solar array.

a technician installing and working on a solar panel
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