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Everything You Should Know About the Ameren EV Charging Station Incentive Program

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Gas prices are astronomical and more people are choosing hybrids, electric cars, trucks, and fleet vehicles. With Ameren incentives disappearing in December, now is ideal timing to take advantage of the Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Incentive Program or also referred to as the Charge Ahead EV Program available for all Ameren Missouri business customers. If you own or manage a business property, this is everything you need to know about the program.

EV Utility Rebate from Ameren

Ameren Missouri’s business incentive program is designed to encourage businesses to install EV charging stations, offering up to $500,000 for the successful installation of Level 2 Chargers or DC Fast Chargers (DCFC). Renewables are becoming increasingly more popular with environmental regulations moving to the forefront of the way we do business, and electric vehicles are a big part of that shift.

EV charging stations can be used to power hybrid and electric vehicles, and demonstrates a clear commitment to sustainability and innovation. Whether eco-friendly practices are already established for your business, or you are starting to plan for a more sustainable future, EV charging stations can be a smart investment in a cleaner future. EV chargers combined with solar panels can power your commuters and electric vehicle fleet with renewable energy. Workplaces can attract top talent. Commercial and mixed-use developments can gain advantages over other similar properties.

EV Car Charging Station Planning, Design & Installation

Ameren requires that all EV charging station projects that wish to qualify for rebates be pre-approved prior to construction. That means that we must submit accurate information for the following key electric charging station project requirements:

EV Program Requirements - In a Nutshell

Here's what project information Ameren needs from us.
  • Contractor Information

  • Project Information

  • EV Charging Station Equipment Information

  • Site Plan (including electrical diagram and pictures)

  • Electrical Supply Details

  • Estimated Costs for Equipment, Labor, Site Prep, and Battery Storage

  • Project Costs

You are also required to designate a project manager. Exceptional Energy Solutions is an Ameren approved contractor for EV Charging Station installation, capable of project management, design, and installation. Our team of technicians manage project requirements on your behalf, as an Ameren Missouri partner. We complete the full program application for you, as the designated installation contractor. We plan all project information, estimated costs, and details needed for pre-approval from Ameren. Get Charge Point Electric Vehicle (CV) Charging Stations installed or other brands or layout of charging stations depending on the size of your facility.

EV Charging Station Rebate Details

All projects must be pre-approved prior to construction, with a maximum incentive up to 50% of total project cost. Businesses can depreciate the project cost at 50% Bonus Depreciation, and at the MACRS depreciation schedule for the remainder. The maximum allowance of EV ports varies by business type. At the same time, we can also work to earn your business cashback for solar panels, led lighting upgrades & electrical updates.

Give your audience, community, and investors a clear commitment to cleaner energy - and cleaner commuting. Learn more about the EV incentives here from Ameren here.

Don’t forget! Ameren Missouri must pre-approve all electric vehicle charging station projects prior to installation.

You can begin the application process yourself, or work with our dedicated team of EV installers to get it done in time to make the looming incentive deadline. Don’t miss out on money to power the future of sustainable business.

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