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How To Know If Solar Panels Are Right For You

From a solar contractor, it may come as a surprise that we’d even ask the question are solar panels right for you? but it's true. Exceptional Energy Solutions was founded to assist you in being good caretakers of God's natural resources, and we want to help you be good caretakers of your own resources, whether that means installing solar or not.

Solar energy is a great method for many people to save money while also helping the environment. But how can you tell whether you're one of them? Here are four questions to ask if you're trying to figure out if solar is right for you.

Where do you live?

Solar panels (and more likely, solar spins) are effective almost everywhere. They're most successful, though, in areas with a lot of sunshine (or even moonlight).

Before purchasing a solar panel system, check the amount of sunshine your location receives on average. This approach will let you get an idea of how efficient your system is.

1. What is Your Roof or Ground Space like?

Let's start with the most essential thing: space. Solar systems can be put on your roof as a roof-mount or on the ground as a ground-mount, both of which have benefits and drawbacks. It all comes down to personal preference when it comes to where you install your solar system.

2. How Big is Your Roof?

Solar panels are getting more efficient every year, so you'll only need a fraction of the number needed in years past. They do, however, take up room. Examine your roof to see how much space you'd be willing to devote to solar panels. The most common dimensions for a 5 kW system are approximately 280 square feet. However, this figure is approximate since the amount of solar panels needed varies by location and installation type. Typically, commercial properties have plenty of good, flat roofs for solar energy systems.

Do you have a flat or hipped roof? What's the slant of your current roof?

Roof slants for solar to be effective will differ depending on where you live. The most productive locations include south-facing roofs, followed by west and east-facing ones in the United States. Because the sun seldom shines directly onto north slanting roofs, many individuals are unwilling to consider them.

What Is the Angle of Your Roof?

The best angle is usually the one corresponding to your location's latitude. If your roof is flat, you may improve output by mounting the panels on an incline.

3. Electricity Usage

Do You Consume a Lot of Electric Power?

Solar energy may be a great investment with long-term benefits that far outweigh the initial costs. By providing its users with free energy, Solar pays for itself - and then some. The more electricity you use and it provides you over the system's lifetime, the more money you'll save compared to buying power from the grid.

If you live in a small home or operate a small office with modest energy bills, solar may not provide you with huge financial benefits (but it always provides environmental ones!). Solar may save you a lot of money if you live in a large house or run a company with substantial energy expenses.

Are Your Electric Bills Too High?

You're losing money by purchasing electricity from the utility. The unpleasant truth is that rates will only rise in the future.

Commercial solar can make a difference in terms of payback time and return on investment. If you live in an area with extremely high power costs, your ROI will be that much faster and your payback period that much shorter. Solar may still be a wonderful alternative if you have low power rates because free electricity is better than cheap electricity.

4. Consider all of the expenses before you decide.

Solar panels will most certainly save you money in the long run, and the longer you use a solar energy source, the more money you'll save on your power bill. There are, however, several expenses to consider.

The first-time investment in solar panels, which may be rather pricey, must also be considered. You'll want to think about if you can afford to pay for this all at once or if you'll need to finance the purchase.


This blog is where you should begin if you're thinking of solar energy. The next step is to fill out the form here and receive a free quote from our team of exceptional energy solutions. Our staff at Exceptional Energy Solutions will provide you with an estimate that includes all the facts you need to know about solar power before making your decision.


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