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Solar Panels & LED Upgrades Installed in Pacific, MO - Design & Install for Klance Unlimited

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Klance Unlimited tasked our team with upgrading their facility in Pacific, MO to take advantage of the financial benefits of going solar and modernizing to high efficiency LED fixtures and lightbulbs.

An 86.4kW solar panel system now generates 87% of the electricity needed to power operations, saving them over $320,000 over 25 years. That's enough renewable energy to power 26,000 concerts!

Exceptional Energy Solutions helped the Klance Unlimited team stay committed to sustainability, while providing unique solutions that were available to them, like C-PACE financing. Through the Show ME PACE financing program, Klance was able to lengthen out the loan term to 20 years along with additional tax benefits.

Check out more details on this solar panel installation & LED retrofitting update below, and see important financial details to take into consideration when evaluating the ROI in installing solar for your own business:


System Size - 86.4kW

Energy Produced in 1st year - 106,982kWh's

Ameren Bill Savings in 1st Year - $8,870

Energy produced over 30 years - 3,186,300kWh's

Utility Savings over 30 years from solar power - $418,469


Project Cost: $171,112

Incentives & Rebates: $130,749

Net Project Cost: $40,363

Payback Period: 4.3 Years

ROI from Solar Panels: 221%

Photo above: 86.4kW Solar Panel System Installed in Pacific, MO

Download the Full Solar Project Summary Below:

EES - Solar for Klance Unlimited
Download PDF • 2.89MB

Many business owners are surprised to learn just how many tax credits, rebates, incentives & financing options they can take advantage of. Best of all, Exceptional Energy Solutions is here to do all of the paperwork & heavy lifting required to get your business powered in a more sustainable way.

Investing in solar power for your business property has some serious perks. Getting an energy assessment is the first step towards a more eco-friendly future.

Contact Kenny Noel to get an energy analysis for your own Missouri business. We install commercial solar panels all across Missouri in Arnold, Cape Girardeau, St. Louis, St. Charles, Wentzville, Lake of the Ozarks and Jefferson County. See all of our service areas here.

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Unknown member
Dec 05, 2023

Industrial solar refers to the implementation of solar power systems in large-scale industrial settings. These solar installations cater to the energy needs of industries, utilizing photovoltaic technology to generate electricity sustainably. Industrial solar solutions contribute to cost savings, reduce carbon footprints, and enhance energy independence for manufacturing and production facilities.

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