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Solar Powered Business in Hillsboro, MO - Design & Installation for Logo Daddy Graphics

Logo Daddy Graphics in Hillsboro, MO made the switch to solar in 2021 because they needed more power to support their growing design & print business.

Exceptional Energy Solutions designed and installed an electrical service upgrade along with a 40kW solar power system to help offset their increasing electricity usage. Once the rooftop solar panel system was installed at their 10,000 sq. ft. office the savings on energy spending was immediate. Logo Daddy's Ameren bill all but disappeared with solar.

The solar panels offset greenhouse gas emissions from over 83,266 miles driven by an average vehicle per year - which is equivalent to 36,620 pounds of coal burned.

Every solar power installation is uniquely sized to match the rooftop space available, as well as the current and expected energy needs of an organization. This project qualified for over $70,000 in incentives & rebates, making it a smart investment for the growing team at Logo Daddy.

See more details on this solar powered project below, plus all of the financial details of a solar installation project like this:


Solar Power System Size - 40.00kW

Energy Produced in 1st year - 46,751kWh's

Ameren Bill Savings in 1st Year Alone - $4,611

Energy produced over 30 years - 1,392-409kWh's

Utility Savings over 30 years from solar power - $217,555


Project Cost: $91,127

Incentives & Rebates: $72,477

Net Project Cost: $18,650

Payback Period: 3.9 Years

ROI: 218.3%

Photo above: Facility was upgraded to 600A electrical service with a new solar disconnect switch installed.

Download the Full Project Summary Below:

EES - Solar for Logo Daddy Graphics
Download PDF • 10.40MB

Investing in solar power gives commercial property owners a low-risk way to earn a healthy ROI while increasing the value of real estate assets. Switching to renewable energy makes a difference in the community with a clear commitment to clean energy.

Your company may qualify for similar incentives & rebates for solar. Find out which tax and local incentives you're eligible for with a utility & building analysis, to be on your way to capturing the money-savings benefits of solar energy.

Email us to get started, or see more commercial solar projects similar to this by visiting our Commercial Solar page.

Photo below: Aerial drone photo of the solar panels installed for Logo Daddy Graphics.


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