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LED Lighting Upgrade - See Our Work at Speed Pro

Good lighting can have a big impact on job performance, especially when you are in a creative industry. Speed Pro is a printing specialist, and the team needs to be able to see graphic design work and how it prints. See how we updated the lighting throughout their building to improve visibility, ambiance, and performance for the staff working from the offices of Speed Pro in South County St. Louis.

Speed Pro has a garage that is used for projects like vinyl vehicle wrapping and logo application. The existing lighting had been added piecemeal over a few years, and so was aging unevenly resulting in dark spots and yellow light from outdate incandescent light bulbs. The above photo shows the LED lighting system that was designed for full garage coverage, with bulbs that won't fake unevenly. You can see the difference in the 'before' photo below.

Lighting was also upgraded inside of the office suite, to improve overall lighting for the offices main work space as well as several private offices. Lighting design is centered over the central print area to illuminate key workspaces for printing.

Private offices also got LED lighting installed to replace aging, yellow incandescent lightbulbs. The overall ambiance of the office feels cleaner and brighter. Color tones in large format prints are no longer glowing from tinged yellow lighting that is common when outdated lighting is due for replacement.

There are eco-friendly incentives available in Missouri and Illinois that cover some of the costs for installing LED lights. The Ameren BizSavers program is one of the ways we work with clients to upgrade dated lighting systems. Energy efficiency and better lighting are all great reasons to evaluate your building. Contact us to get an expert evaluation on lighting options that would work best for your commercial building.

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Unknown member
Mar 26

I'd like to thank Jeff, and his crew. They did a excellent job, and the lighting is such a difference. So much brighter and will be alot more efficient. Thanks again from Hotshots Archery and range.

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